Have You Ever Thought About 

Where Fairies Shop?

In The Fairy Shoppes Of 
Spooner, Wisconsin Of Course

Spooner is an old railroad town where fairy merchants continue their thriving nighttime business serving local and visiting fairies.

Each shoppe provides goods and services that are similar to the larger establishments in which they are located. There are fun cafes, bookstores and art shoppes to keep fairies coming back to Spooner. There Is even a jail In case a fairy becomes too mischievous.

Fairies come from far and wide to save their money in a local bank and buy their insurance. Each shoppe has a fairy proprietor who either lives above their store or goes home to sleep during the day in the surrounding area.  You can find most of the Fairy Shoppes of Spooner Inside and outside of Spooner daytime businesses. 

More fairy shoppes will continue to establish themselves in Spooner as more fairy visitors stop to shop. New Shoppe photos will be added to Facebook so be sure to like our page to receive updates and messages. Keep track of those you find and you will be sprinkled in good luck fairydust to bring you good luck and wonder to your dreams.

Hydecliff Dinkelwarf
Spooner Fairy Shoppe Merchants

For a printable version of The Fairy Shoppe Merchants of Spooner Click Here

Pollen Poofer

Polly, as she is known by her friends, cures all that ails the fairies of the Spooner area. Her specialty is combining natural remedies for all her fairy friends. She uses dandelion petals, nettles, comfrey and honey to help her fellow fairies and flits about on her lovely wings like a butterfly spreading health and happiness

Ember Gasflower

Ember loves to share his energy with songs and flowers. His wings are way bigger than his body so he can fly far and wide while dropping flowers and musical lyrics around the Spooner area.

Gossamer Windreader

Gossamer reads like the wind and looks for books all over the Spooner area to share with other reading fairies. Helping the baby fairies learn to read is her strength and she flies wherever she can to entice new readers with her stories while showing off her lovely wings and her natural fiber book bags. 

Holt Thor-a-door

Don’t worry about being quiet during the day around Holt’s shoppe. He leaves each day to switch the wiring and place bugs in the computers of the local businesses. At night he comes back to sleep and dream of the shenanigans he can do the next day.

Joey Reed Paddle

Joey loves to sing about all the cool things he sells in his canoe shoppe. He has many canoes for floating on local streams and rivers. He is very talented at decorating the canoes with twigs and flowers and outgrown fairy wings.  

Herminie Starflower

Herminie and her smiling staff of certified baristas serve up dainty cups of sugar and spice coffee all night long. She loves singing and dancing. Her husband loves fishing and whittling ducks and turtle decoys. 

Skander W. Beeskeeper 

Fairies come from far and wide for the special gems Skander sells. They love his fancy necklaces, bracelets and earrings that he makes out of diamond chips and star-glow laced silver.

Charish Cottonnod Charish

Charish, an English teacher, can be found most nights leading young fairies in the area through an assortment of acrobatic stunts on the mattresses in Dahl’s.  On the weekends, Charish tutors the young fairies that are falling behind in their English studies.

ButterCup Flute-a-toot 

BC, as all her friends know her, flitters about RC Gifts at night flinging bits of moon shimmer on all the fairies and non-fairies living in the store. 

Spooneesta SugarBell 

True to her name, Spooneesta loves sugar so much she eats it by the spoonful three times a day.
Her shoppe, where she sells spoons and other kitchenware, is located in a hollowed-out stump in the Spooner General Store.

Dexter PinePony

Dexter designs shoes for the unicorns that live in the woods. His fancy unicorn shoes go hither-and-yond anywhere from Iceland to Argentina to Thailand. He is successful and known the world over.

Dexter located his shoppe in the Copper Horse because it provides him access to the fanciful jewelry and accessories in the store.  And, if you are outside the store at 3:00 in the middle of the night, a single horn can momentarily be seen on the Copper Horse.

Princess Embla 

Long ago when trees could talk, the great Elm, lord of the trees, sent his daughter Embla the fairy princess to live in Spooner so she could make the urban trees happy.  Whenever the wind blows if you listen very carefully you can hear the trees clap their leaves for joy that Embla lives here to take care of them. And, if you’re ever awake at sunrise you’ll see her going down every street, greeting each tree and asking, “How do you do?” and they all answer, “Very well thank you Princess Embla!”

Kitty Quilt Trapper

Kitty runs the Kitty Cat Quilt Shoppe. She knows, from experience, that cats love to chase flying fairies. So, she makes cozy quilts to trap the cats into sweet slumber thus evading their annoying chases. She is not only smart, but also talented and lovely.

Goldstream Ticket-Flyer

Goldstream has his ticket office in the Yellow River Trading Company. He loves to fly about the Spooner area promoting train rides and selling tickets. You can get one by leaving sweet fruits at his ticket booth. 

Star Glimmer

Have you ever noticed the fanciful, shimmery wings on fairies? Well then, you have noticed Star Glimmer’s work. She paints fantastic glimmering designs on the wings of fairies. 

Quack Grass Weaver

Quack resides with all the ducks at the Wobblin Duck. He wobbles around the Spooner area looking for Quack Grass seeds to sell on the fairy market. He can fly sometimes, but must get a running start to get off the ground.

Ash Dragonfly

Ash got his name because he was born in an Ash Tree and he knew he wanted to make furniture like the rest of his family had done before him. He came up with some lovely designs for tables, beds and chairs and did particularly fine work with pinewood. His pieces were desired far and wide in fairyland. He loves to find woods with wonderful grains to bring joy to his customers. And he is a fine flyer with strong wings. Watch for him at night and follow the sawdust trails he leaves behind in his nightly flying. 


Billy Figwillow 

Billy helps fairy families save their memories by framing them in glitter-covered willow branches. During the week, Billy collects the gold dust that has fallen between the cracks of the Corner House Pub’s floorboards. On Sunday he makes the rounds to all the local churches sitting under the church pews and sprinkling the gold dust in the collection plate.

Andy Jason-Born

Andy’s shoppe is located at the Rusty Bucket — previously home to the Railroad Memories Bar.  He chose this location so he could rescue the forgotten items left behind by the railroad hobo fairies that lived in the bar. Andy makes fairy furniture out of the rescued items.  During the day he searches under trees and in dry creek beds to find fun items to add to the design of his furniture.

Annie Guy Littlelace 

Each evening Annie sells fancy fabrics, sparkly shoes and New York style clothes to all the fairies that arrive on the train.  She located her shoppe in the Spooner Mercantile so she could use the leftover snippets of fabric she finds in the basement of the store.

Fyn Borge-Fjord 

Fyn flits through the meadows and woods finding sweet and savory items for the meals he and his wife Liz A. Beth serve in the Red Rooster Garden Cafe.

Addington Horsefly 

Some of the city fairies that arrive by train aren’t physically fit enough to flit around to explore the Spooner area on their own wings. So, Addington operates a livery for horses that he rents out to the out-of-shape fairies. The horses know their way to most of the most popular creeks and meadows. He loves adding up all the daily rent receipts. 

Augusta Jimmy Dimples 

A.J. secretly brews his own ginger and dandelion ales in the basement of Antiques on Walnut. The walls of the store are hollow so he installed an elevator so he could go between floors without being seen.

Pad’Adelphia Prunewiggle 

A fairy from the east, Pad’Adelphia took an old abandoned fairy church and has turned it into a spot for young fairies to gather and read poetry.  Pad’adelphia, known by her friends as Paddy Cakes, loves to encourage the creative talents and imagination in others. Paddy Cakes has won several regional baking contests for her frog flower cakes. 

She – Nana – Gans

Nana is the local keeper of the keys for the jailhouse.
She has a very hard time making sure the fairies stay
on the straight and narrow when they visit Spooner. 

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