The Fairy Shoppes of Spooner

Have You Ever Thought About 

Where Fairies Shop?

In The Fairy Shoppes Of Spooner, Wisconsin Of Course

Spooner is an old railroad town where fairy merchants continue their thriving nighttime business serving local and visiting fairies. 

Each shoppe provides goods and services that are similar to the larger establishments in which they are located. There are fun cafes, bookstores and art shoppes to keep fairies coming back to Spooner. There Is even a jail In case a fairy becomes too mischievous.

Fairies come from far and wide to save their money in a local bank and buy their insurance. Each shoppe has a fairy proprietor who either lives above their store or goes home to sleep during the day in the surrounding area.
You can find most of the Fairy Shoppes of Spooner Inside and outside of Spooner daytime businesses.

Find the fairy merchant's name on Facebook and then have fun locating them as you wander through town.
More fairy shoppes will continue to establish themselves in Spooner as more fairy visitors stop to shop.
New Shoppe photos will be added to Facebook so be sure to like our page to receive updates and messages.

Keep track of those you find and you will be sprinkled in good luck fairydust to bring you good luck and wonder to your dreams.

Hydecliff Dinkelwarf

Spooner Fairy Shoppe Merchants